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Software defined vehicle use cases

The Sonatus suite of vehicle software and cloud software products deliver capabilities for software defined vehicles that accelerate innovation, improve vehicle quality, enhance customer experience and add new sources of revenue for the automotive industry.

These use cases, enabled by Sonatus vehicle software products, span vehicle design and engineering, production, after-sales service, value-added vehicle services and new business models. A software defined vehicle provides a rich framework for software development that can enable flexible use of vehicle data and extensibility of vehicle functions across a range of vehicle systems. New features can be offered as over-the-air (OTA) updates, not just in infotainment systems but across individual electronic control units for a range of benefits to car manufacturers and drivers alike.

Automotive software in software defined vehicles use case example: Increase EV range use case
Design and Engineering

Improve EV range with real-world data

As software increasingly drives vehicle features, automotive engineers can use real-world data to improve vehicle performance. For example, vehicle efficiency and prediction accuracy of EV vehicle range can both be improved in a software defined vehicle through better access to vehicle data for analysis and tuning.

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Proactive software development in a software defined vehicle use case can enable superior manufacturing testing.

Vehicle end-of-line testing

Customers expect their new vehicles to just work and end-of-line tests are crucial to make that happen. The increasing complexity of vehicle systems means it’s often a laborious and expensive part of the production process to check if the dozens of functions work as designed. With the right automotive software solutions, auto makers can perform automated testing during manufacture and improve efficiency of vehicle production and delivery.

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Software defined vehicles can enable new business models like offering new user experiences.
Post Sales

Deliver personalized driving experiences

Customers expect their digital devices to improve over time and the automotive industry is no different. Software defined vehicles can deliver continuously fresh and personalized user experiences across the vehicle life cycle, including through the use of artificial intelligence to personalize the driver experience to suit individual preferences and habits. Sonatus solutions enable personalization without software development.

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Predictive maintenance through superior vehicle data and smart diagnostics can differentiate vehicle manufacturers and improve customer experience.
Post Sales

Avoid vehicle recalls with smart diagnostics

Vehicle downtime can be time consuming and costly for OEMs and their customers. Precise vehicle data and automated diagnostics can enable predictive maintenance to detect potential failures early for faster resolution, less vehicle downtime, and an overall better customer experience.

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Software defined vehicles offer continuous connectivity and can offer superior fleet applications.
Value-added services

Support diverse fleet applications

Fleet services represent a tremendous opportunity to add a significant amount of revenue and profits to automakers’ bottom line. Sonatus vehicle software products enabled OEMs to offer fleet managers advanced fleet management tools to improve the overall efficiency of fleet operations.

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Rental fleets can benefit from a software defined vehicle architecture enabling software updates for evolving rental fleet needs.
Value-added services

Improving vehicle sales to rental fleets

Software defined vehicles are expected to deliver continuously fresh and personalized user experiences. Rental fleet purchasers will benefit from, and increasingly prefer, vehicle models that offer connected services and support rapid and iterative enhancements, even to those already shipped and sold.

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