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Sonatus Guard

Secure vehicle software infrastructure from cybersecurity threats

Proactively address automotive cybersecurity threats across millions of vehicles with a holistic solution.

Protect vehicle software infrastructure at scale

Sonatus Guard protects against known and emerging threats across key vehicle software infrastructure elements at scale.

Implement comprehensive security

comprehensive security

Single solution provides intrusion detection and prevention across vehicle networks, ECUs and communications modules. 

Respond proactively to threats

respond to threats

Utilize the cloud-based Vehicle Security Operations Center to detect known and emerging threats early, and respond with instant policy updates to mitigate. 

Scalable from one vehicle to millions

Scale from a single
vehicle to millions

Early detection on a few vehicles can be used to create automated mitigation policies that can be dynamically applied to known vulnerable vehicles or across a large fleet.

Sonatus Guard overview video


In-vehicle and cloud software work in tandem to provide intrusion detection and prevention services across critical vehicle software infrastructure. 

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Apply multi-layered security

Detect intrusions across vehicle networks and identify anomalous behaviors by monitoring ECU activities and analyzing vehicle system logs. 

  • CAN and Ethernet IDS
  • ECU monitoring agent
  • Log analysis service
  • Network firewall 
  • Optimal CPU and memory usage
Proactively protect at scale

Detect incidents early, mitigate and create automated policies that can be applied to a select few or millions of vehicles.

  • Highly configurable mitigation policies
  • Apply with automated workflows 
  • Real-time application
Monitor, analyze and mitigate threats

Use a comprehensive cloud-based console to get real-time alerts, analysis and mitigation recommendations.

  • Consolidated vehicle-wide monitoring  
  • Incident analysis and correlation 
  • Ransomware, DDOS, diagnostic attacks, and more
  • Isolate rogue ECU and applications 
  • Mitigation policy recommendations
Complement 3rd party solutions

Use it as a standalone solution or integrate with third party security solutions to add vehicle software infrastructure protection.

  • Extensive set of APIs for integration
  • Vehicle hardware agnostic
  • Works with CAN or Ethernet networks
  • Integration with 3rd party intel feeds
  • UN R155, R156 compliant
Sonatus Foundation

Key software building blocks to build a more dynamic, flexible and secure vehicle software infrastructure.

Standards supported

GDPR Compliant
Automotive Grade Linux
UN Regulations 155 and 156

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