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Sonatus Foundation Data Services

Enable easier and more efficient data access

Sonatus Foundation’s Data Services enables automakers to make data management, access and storage easier, more secure and cost-efficient. 

Network Shared Storage (NSS)

As the number of ECUs (Electronic Control Units), used for various diagnostics and vehicle data related applications, in vehicles increases, so does the amount of data generated by their applications. However, expanding individual ECU storage is costly, and hardware limitations restrict how much data they can store. Moreover, securing storage distributed across multiple ECUs can be challenging.

Network Shared Storage (NSS) addresses these issues by allowing auto-makers to centralize in-vehicle storage and manage it dynamically from the cloud.


Secure and cost-effective in-vehicle storage: Centrally managed storage and file sharing system is more secure and cost-effective than current distributed model

Hardware and storage media-agnostic: Works across a wide variety of storage media types and formats, no special hardware or driver required

Supports a wide array of use cases: Provides dynamically adjustable storage allocation for supporting diverse applications such as –

  • Storing dash cam footage that can be used for value-added services like insurance claims
  • Storing data in bulk for diagnostics and vehicle development applications that can be accessed on-demand or over WiFi for cost efficiency
  • Storing vehicle-wide OTA images to apply when appropriate

Key Technical Features

  • Flexible storage and access options including network file system (NFS) and object store
  • Thin provisioning and usage-based storage management with
    • Virtual partitions and file systems to adjust storage allocation
    • Options to user higher compression for less frequently accessed data
  • Automatic purging of aged data
  • Centralized data protection with multi-level access control and encryption
  • Flexible storage media options, including eMMC and NVMe
  • Seamless cloud integration for real-time storage policy updates, health and activity monitoring, data synchronization and backup, and much more

Log Analysis Service

More ECUs in vehicles means more log files. Log Analysis Service streamlines real-time risk and anomaly identification with consolidated, automated in-vehicle log analysis.


Streamline diagnostics: Streamlines troubleshooting and diagnostics by quickly identifying anomalies

Prevent critical failures: Reduces the impact of faults catching issues before they become critical

Analyze at scale:  Allows analysis to be done at scale and in real-time across millions of vehicles

Key Technical Features

  • Inspect vehicle logs at run-time to quickly identify anomalies and malfunctions
  • Supports multiple types of queries such as “include”, “exclude”, Regex, and more.  
  • Supports composite queries that combine results from multiple log files
  • Allows results-based local archiving or reporting to the cloud for further analysis
  • Provides user-defined alerts based on query results
  • Supports event monitoring, configurable log reporting and visualization 
  • Enables fleet-wide anomaly detection and analysis

Dynamic DBC

The vehicle CAN database, or DBC, stores descriptions for messages, signals and parameters exchanged between Electronic Control Units (ECUs), which are used for various diagnostics and vehicle data related applications.  Traditionally, updating the DBC for new information or for new vehicle models is onerous, requiring costly and time-consuming firmware updates.

Sonatus Foundation’s Dynamic DBC feature presents an innovative solution for updating a vehicle’s CAN database dynamically, at any point in the vehicle lifecycle.  This feature makes it easy to update the DBC with new information, correct any errors, or make changes to adapt to new vehicle models. 

Diagnostics Manager

Sonatus Foundation’s Diagnostics Manager centralizes the management of diagnostics on ECUs on both CAN and Ethernet networks within vehicles.  It provides centralized control over diagnostic sessions running on Diagnostics over IP (DoIP) for Ethernet ECUs and UDS for CAN ECUs. 

Sonatus Collector

Drive continuous innovation with insights from data collected dynamically over the vehicle lifespan.

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