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Zonal Architecture Solution

Design zonal architectures that adapt to changing needs

Build zonal networks that have the flexibility and resiliency to support diverse applications of mixed-criticality throughout vehicle lifetimes.

Dynamically adapt zonal networks at any time

Manage zonal network and vehicle service configurations from the cloud with lightweight policies to accommodate evolving needs for new in-vehicle applications and features.

Support diverse use cases

Optimize for mixed-critical applications

Topology and service aware provisioning allows critical traffic to be prioritized while ensuring flexibility to continually support new updates and changes.

Eliminate points of failure with built-in resiliency

Provision the network to handle link outages and reconfigure the network dynamically should such events occur, guaranteeing delivery of safety-critical messages.

Zonal Architecture overview video

Critical foundations for future vehicle designs

Key features

Dynamic configuration

Dynamic Vehicle Network Configuration based on 802.1DG TSN Profile for Automotive

  • Network routing 
  • Quality of Service
  • Network security
  • Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability (FRER)
  • Time synchronization
Network monitoring

Vehicle network visualization and health monitor

  • Diagnostic tool for visualizing network traffic and problems
  • Vehicle network performance management
  • Ethernet and CAN network monitoring
SOA management

SOA Manager for integrating applications across zones and vehicle domains

  • Registry for service discovery and subscription
  • Policies to manage SOA services access and communications 
  • Monitoring of security, health and performance of SOA services
OTA framework

Framework for distributing OTA updates across all in-vehicle networks

  • Distribute updates across all zones
  • Applied to Ethernet and CAN ECUs
  • Configuration policies, applications, containers, and more

Partnering to advance
critical zonal architecture designs


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