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Sonatus Vehicle Platform

Accelerate Vehicle Software Innovation

Drive vehicle innovation with dynamic software infrastructure and applications that enable improvements in quality, reliability and user experience throughout vehicle lifecycles. 

Sonatus Vehicle Platform architecture
Using Sonatus Vehicle Platform and supported products, automakers can continually improve their vehicles' features and performance at any point in their lifecycle.
Sonatus Foundation

Sonatus Foundation

Design a modular and flexible software architecture for the vehicle that can support continuous updates and enhancements over its lifetime.

  • Manage and secure communications across all vehicle networks and the cloud
  • Turn any vehicle function into a SOA service and optimize application resources
  • Centralize storage for flexible vehicle-wide data access for all applications
  • Configure vehicle software infrastructure at any time with lightweight policies
Sonatus Collector

Sonatus Collector

Collect precise vehicle data in real-time to maximize its value for product improvements and value-added services.

  • Access vehicle data throughout its lifetime without code changes or OTA updates
  • Configure fine-grained policies to collect data precisely and exactly when it’s needed
  • Support multiple use cases and uses simultaneously for data-driven insights
  • Finely control the collection, storage and transmission of data for cost-efficiency
Sonatus Automator

Sonatus Automator

Drive fast and continuous vehicle innovation with no-code feature creation and automated testing.

  • Leverage a no-code orchestration framework to instantly deploy automation recipes
  • Utilize an extensive set of triggers and vehicle actions to create new features at any time
  • Reduce manual overhead with automated end-of-line testing or in-field diagnostics
  • Exercise tight control over who can define and deploy what types of recipes
Sonatus Guard

Sonatus Guard

Protect vehicle software infrastructure from cyber-security threats with multi-layered intrusion detection and prevention.

  • Identify and mitigate potential threats on all vehicle networks and external interfaces
  • Monitor ECU operations for abnormal behavior to pinpoint and contain possible attacks
  • Analyze logs to detect anomalous activities across all vehicle systems
  • Combine real-time alerts and 3rd party intel to secure millions of vehicles
Sonatus Collector

Drive continuous innovation with insights from data collected dynamically over the vehicle lifespan.

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