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Sonatus Foundation Network Services

Build flexible and modern vehicle networks

Sonatus Foundation’s Network Services provide the key software ingredients to build modern software-defined networks in vehicles. 

Ethernet Network Manager

The next-generation of software-defined vehicles are embracing Automotive Ethernet technology to bring high-speed and flexible networking to vehicles. 

Foundation’s Ethernet Network Manager allows automakers to centrally manage in-vehicle Ethernet networks to monitor, configure and troubleshoot issues at any time, including post-production. 


  • Faster and more reliable data transfer among CAN and Ethernet components
  • Reduce downtime and repair costs by providing manageability of the network
  • Improve network security and segment traffic to prevent unauthorized access
  • Reduce the risk of cyber attacks and help maintain vehicle safety and security
  • Faster and more advanced diagnostics and feature validation before and after SoP

Key Technical Features

  • L2/L3 forwarding, queueing, ACL, and VLAN configuration
  • Ethernet Port Mirroring configuration
  • Network statistics monitoring configuration
  • Switch health monitoring and fail-safe updates
  • Dynamic in-vehicle network provisioning
  • UDS-based diagnostics for network troubleshooting
  • Packet interceptor for collecting Ethernet packets
  • Interface with Diagnostics Manager for secure OBD access
  • Cloud-based management
    • Policy management and deployment
    • Network Statistics Monitoring
    • Switch Health Monitoring

Vehicle-to-Cloud Communications Controller

Connecting to the cloud is an integral part of transition to software-defined vehicles.  Sonatus Foundation’s Vehicle-to-Cloud Communications Controller gives OEMs fine-grained control over how vehicles connect to the cloud, ensuring it is done securely and cost-effectively. 


  • Increases visibility into external communications to detect and diagnose issues 
  • Improves security with threat prevention mechanisms
  • Allows management to minimize cellular data transmission costs
  • Enables users to connect devices to the cloud 
  • Optimizes network performance and reduces latency 
  • Maximizes hardware performance

Key Technical Features

  • Flexible traffic steering to desired APN with fallback option
  • Network Firewall with connection tracking
  • VLAN and subnet-based traffic isolation
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Application-specific local DNS
  • Network traceability with packet logging and detailed statistics
  • WiFi hotspot tethering support
  • Dual Stack IPv4-IPv6 support
  • Support for different regional policies
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Cloud-based management across fleets of vehicles
    • Policy management
    • Connectivity statistics monitoring
    • Data usage monitoring
    • Data cap enforcement

CAN-Ethernet Gateway

Sonatus Foundation’s CAN-Ethernet Gateway service provides seamless interoperability between CAN and Ethernet networks in a vehicle.  The Gateway translates Ethernet messages into CAN signals and vice versa, allowing ECUs and  applications on either networks to communicate with each other efficiently.


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