Digital Dynamics is
the New Vehicle Dynamics

Our Software-Defined in-vehicle and cloud platforms transform the vehicle E/E architecture and empower automakers to innovate more quickly and boldly to build a sustainable advantage.

Software-Defined: Your Shortest Path to Developing Digital Dynamics

The new measure of competitiveness in the auto industry.

There was a time when slightly more mpg or a couple of tenths less in acceleration times were enough to tip the competitive scales for an automaker. Not in the digital era. In every industry, digital disruption shifts purchase differentiating factors. While driving dynamics continue to have importance, it is speed, agility, and control with digital technologies, or digital dynamics, which is the new measure of competitiveness in automotive.

Digital dynamics is the outcome of an automaker's capabilities in developing and deploying digitally-enabled vehicle functionality and user experiences. This shift in the basis for competing exposes two huge challenges for automakers today:

  • Developing digital dynamics is entirely different than in driving dynamics. It requires automakers to maintain a continuous data-driven innovation cycle of harnessing the right vehicle data at the right time, then quickly transforming it into insightful product actions.
  • The E/E architecture is inherently isolated and inflexible. It is fundamentally at odds with the dynamic capabilities' automakers need to maintain this innovation cycle.

Evolving the E/E architecture to become Software-Defined is the foundation for tackling both of these challenges and offers automakers the shortest path to gain the speed, agility, and control they need to develop digital dynamics.

Software-Defined is Changing the Rules on What is Possible in the Vehicle

A Software-Defined E/E architecture complements and unlocks new potential for existing connectivity and data solutions because it is seamlessly empowered by the cloud. Employing powerful software platforms, it gives automakers the dynamic control to develop, optimize, deploy, and continually innovate all functionality of a vehicle throughout its lifetime- all from the cloud.

So, what are some of the possibilities that this evolution at the core of the vehicle can open up for automakers?

Having the speed to proactively detect a vehicle network problem caused by a recent head unit software update- and remedy it across a lineup in near real-time with a codeless OTA update- from the cloud.
Instead of reacting to buyer complaints and investing more time and effort to deploy additional software updates.

Having the agility to easily configure and collect relevant vehicle data to fix any vehicle problems that might show up in service departments.
Instead of waiting weeks or months for enough customers to encounter the same problem and trying to diagnose it in retrospect before a fix can be developed- or even having to issue a costly recall campaign.

Having the control to update vehicle firewall settings across an entire lineup within minutes of receiving cloud notifications of a potential new cyberthreat, without even requiring a codeless update.
Instead of not being made aware of a cyberthreat until after it has breached the network of thousands of vehicles- and not being able to deploy a fix until a software update is developed.

Just as a well-engineered chassis is a requirement for developing exhilarating driving dynamics, a Software-Defined vehicle E/E architecture is the requirement for developing winning digital dynamics.

When automakers are equipped with the right foundation that enables speed, agility, and control with digital technology innovation, possibilities such as these can become differentiating capabilities. Modernizing the architecture creates a platform to support the complex, data-centric technologies that will soon fully transform the vehicle, including autonomous driving, ML and AI.

Of course, this is not an easy product evolution. The technologies and concepts underpinning the Software-Defined E/E architecture have been developing over the past couple of decades in the IT/ data center space- the same in which Sonatus' expertise is rooted. Software-Defined E/E architecture enables us to bring unparalleled value to our automaker partners to simplify and accelerate their vehicles' digital transformation.

With our end-to-end Software-Defined platforms, Sonatus offers automakers the shortest path to being empowered to innovate more quickly, more boldly, and to build their digital dynamics edge.

A New Kind of Automotive Technology Partner for the Digital Era

Software-Defined vehicle E/E architecture specialists.

We are hyper-focused on empowering automakers to build a competitive advantage with their digital dynamics by transforming the vehicle E/E architecture to become Software-Defined. A collection of talented architects of the modern data center, Sonatus provides in-vehicle and cloud platforms that seamlessly work together to strengthen current connectivity solutions and empower automakers to innovate more quickly and boldly with their vehicles and services.

With solutions already in mass production for a top global OEM, Sonatus is currently bringing automakers' vision to the market today.


Our Vision

Simplify and accelerate the digital transformation of the automobile.

Our Mission

Develop the most innovative Software-Defined in-vehicle and cloud platforms, empowering our customers to create digitally dynamic vehicles and services.

Sonatus Solutions & Products

Transforming vehicle development, capabilities, and ownership experience.




Sonatus is already successfully evolving the vehicle, and processes around it, to become Software-Defined today.

Our end-to-end platforms seamlessly bridge the vehicle E/E architecture and cloud. Modular in nature and compatible with any industry-standard hardware, they easily integrate existing connectivity solutions and can be quickly scaled across a lineup. Our end-to-end platforms are designed to accommodate a gradual transition away from legacy architectures and enable a transformation of vehicle development, capabilities, and ownership experience for automakers at any stage of E/E architecture evolution.

Our unique expertise in the automotive application of data center Software-Defined technologies puts us in an advantaged position to help automakers quickly evolve their vehicle E/E architectures and cloud- and mitigate the many challenges inherent in integrating these complex technologies.

Designed to Powerfully Unleash Dynamic Capabilities

Take control with Sonatus' Software-Defined in-vehicle and cloud platforms.

Sonatus' novel software design philosophy results in platforms that powerfully equip automakers to leverage vehicle data, strengthen existing connectivity solutions, and take control of the innovation process in ways no other automotive technology partner does.

Cloud Empowered

Streamlined fleet-wide dynamic control of the vehicle core


Flexibly and efficiently ensure intended vehicle performance with codeless OTA updates


Dynamic access to vehicle data enables quick insights and actions

Scalable & Portable

Compatible with all industry-standard hardware and easily reused across lineup and in future vehicles

Secure by Design

Integrated multi-point, multi-layered cybersecurity

Our Team

Sonatus is a collection of technology and automotive industry specialists who have built some of the most transformational products with some of the world's most successful companies. We transform digital disruption challenges into digital dynamics opportunities by sharing our expertise in Software-Defined technologies in our collaborations with automakers and suppliers.

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