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A Million Production Vehicles and Counting

Nov 14, 2023

Have you ever counted to a million?  It seems easy enough, and I bet you, like me, as a kid started the effort at some point only to give up soon after.  In fact, it would take you 11 and a half days with no breaks and no sleep to count to 1 million. A million is a lot!  

A million also strikes me as the first number which is impossible to visualize. I can picture a hundred sheep. I’ve seen a thousand ants. And, I’ve seen tens of thousands of people at a concert or professional sports game.  Those I can get my head around. But a million…it’s just impossible to picture. Even if you could fit a million people into a single picture, they would show up as little dots. So a million to me seems impossibly large. 

It’s in that context that we are full of excitement to reach the milestone of Sonatus technology in production in over one million vehicles. Not prototypes, not test vehicles, but real production vehicles that someone bought and is enjoying more, in part, because of the amazing technology inside.

Sonatus started our mission in 2018 to accelerate vehicle software innovation and it was only two years later in 2020 when the first vehicle featuring our technology was delivered in production.  For a company to go from inception to production deployment in two years is an achievement in its own right, but we’ve only accelerated from there. 

With the success of our first generation product, we continued working closely with our OEM partners to incorporate our second generation technology that expanded the amount of our software that is deployed in each vehicle, adding more modules from our Sonatus Foundation product as well as introducing Sonatus Collector into production vehicles.  This second generation delivers pragmatic value to our OEM and Tier-1 customers, improves the vehicle experience for their customers, unlocks new capabilities, helps track down problems more quickly, and much more.  

This second generation also led to a massive expansion into many more vehicle models, including high volume models.  This year we’ve seen our technology roll out in the leading edge Hyundai IONIQ6, Kia Sorrento, Genesis GV60, Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia EV9, and the Hyundai Sonata among many other models. All told, spanning our first and second generation technologies, this quarter we’ve reached a million vehicles now on the road.

We can’t help but smile and feel proud of our work wherever we see one of these amazing vehicles drive past. But remember, this is a milestone, not a finish line.  With these high volume models in  production, our volume ramp pace will only increase in 2024. We project that by the end of next year we’ll be in production in dozens of models and several million vehicles. This is a testament to the scalability of our technology and how it is being deployed widely across our OEM customers. 

I’d like to thank the entire Sonatus team for their hard work, as well as our OEM and Tier-1 customers for putting their faith in us as we work alongside them to accelerate the shift to software defined vehicles. We are only just getting started!

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