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Sonatus Foundation

Build a flexible vehicle software architecture that evolves over time

Leverage a market-proven product to build a dynamic vehicle software infrastructure that can support continuous and rapid innovation.

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Architect your vehicle’s software infrastructure for today and the future

Sonatus Foundation provides key software building blocks to enable the transition to architectures that can support innovations throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

Accelerate time to market


Market-ready and modular product is designed to adapt portably to your specific E/E architecture, allowing you to focus on differentiating features and applications.

Reduce development costs

total cost of ownership

Achieve full control over in-vehicle software infrastructure through configuration policies that can be applied at any time, reducing development and update costs. 

Future-proof vehicle architecture

vehicle architecture

Flexible to meet your current and future vehicle infrastructure requirements including zonal and central computing architectures.


Software building blocks to help accelerate the transition to a dynamic and adaptable software-defined vehicle architecture.

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Network Services

Manage and configure all in-vehicle networks, interconnection between CAN and Ethernet domains, and vehicle-to-cloud communications.

  • Ethernet network manager
  • CAN-Ethernet gateway
  • Vehicle-to-cloud controller
  • Diagnostics manager
Data Services

Ensure the vehicle infrastructure can support easy, secure and cost-efficient data access.

  • Network shared storage
  • Log analysis service
  • Dynamic DBC
Application Services

Manage run-time application resources for optimal performance and configure service orchestration across vehicle systems in real time. 

  • SOA management service
  • Container management service
Security Services

Protect vehicle networks and host processors from cybersecurity threats. 

  • Unified intrusion detection and prevention service
  • ECU monitoring agent
Zonal Architecture

Build adaptive zonal networks

Learn how the Sonatus Zonal Architecture Solution, built using Sonatus Foundation, provides network resiliency and optimal performance for applications with mixed criticality.


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