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Sonatus Updater

Comprehensive and secure management of automotive OTA updates

Securely manage vehicle over the air updates with predictability and end-to-end traceability.

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Sonatus Updater for secure management automotive OTA updates

Unified solution for all types of vehicle software updates

Sonatus Updater allows automotive OEMs to successfully manage automotive OTA updates (over the air updates) of any vehicle software and configurations, with cloud-based simulated dry runs and complete transparency for rapid debugging.

Sonatus Updater is a product in the Sonatus software platform that enables over-the-air updates, a critical component of a software defined vehicle.

Manage vehicle OTA updates securely

Enables automotive manufacturers to securely update firmware, containers, variant coding, configuration changes, and policies over the air from a single pane-of-glass.

Ensure predictable results with simulated dry-runs of OTA updates

Conduct dry runs to predict data size and campaign cost and resolve conflicts to ensure success of the update process.

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Achieve end-to-end traceability of automotive Over The Air campaigns

Trace campaigns with granular visibility down to each step in the update to aid troubleshooting.

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An all-in-one product to efficiently and successfully managing OTA updates of firmware, application software, configurations and policies across all vehicle systems with high security.

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OTA Updates

Supports updates for all types of software assets including, firmware, containers, as well as configuration data.

  • For classic, domain, zonal, and high performance ECUs
  • Large and complex firmware updates
  • Lighter weight variant coding, container, network and application policies


Conduct dry runs in the cloud to determine scope, reduce costs and measure of success for each campaign.

  • Cost Estimation
  • Dependency validation
  • Target vehicle estimation

End-to-End Traceability

Trace campaigns from the cloud to individual ECUs with granular visibility at each step.

  • Failure root cause analysis
  • Correlation of scattered data points (logs, signals, etc.)
  • Context stitching based on campaign


Meets and exceeds automotive cybersecurity guidelines for connected updates.

  • UNECE Cybersecurity Regulation: R155/R156 
  • Uptane framework for software updates
  • Role Based Access Control and strict approval workflows

Frequently asked questions?

Many people are familiar with software updates and app updates for their smartphone or other mobile devices. Modern vehicles are also able to update their software, whether over wireless networks or WiFi. OTA updates don’t only serve to fix software problems, they can be improved, adding new capabilities and service, making cars and trucks better over time.

Today, however, only some vehicles fully take advantage of the potential of OTA updates and others use over the air updates only in limited ways.

Traditional over the air updates typically refer only to software/firmware updates into ECU on-board storage. While that is a major component of OTA, the needs of modern vehicle updates are more complicated. Sonatus Updater supports updates for all types of assets including, software and firmware but also containers, policies, AI models, as well as configuration data. This comprehensive solution can ensure that different types of updates are executed together, which can provide a more reliable and complete solution for OEMs.
One of the challenges faced by the automotive industry is that conventional OTA solutions used in vehicles are often repurposed from solutions for smartphones. Cars and trucks have hundreds of components as well as integrated safety features such as advanced driver assistance systems that require interlocking OTA software updates to each of the devices to ensure the driving experience and safety are not affected.
No, in fact many of the needs of automotive over the air updates are to improve the handling of the many other systems across car or truck which also contain integrated software. In the past, OTA updates focused mostly on the ability to deliver new apps for the infotainment system, and many vehicles did not offer over the air updates of software for other functions like chassis systems, control systems, data sensors. Sonatus Updater serves the full OTA needs of cars and trucks of the future where customers are offered new features and functions across the vehicle, enabling suppliers of many components around the vehicle to add continuous improvement over time.
Sonatus Updater enables new software to be deployed to all car and truck types, whether EV’s, internal combustion engines, fuel cell, or hybrid vehicles. Every type of connected vehicle requires OTA updates to deliver new features, deliver bug fixes, address security issues, or add new services. Sonatus Updater is an integrated approach to empowering over the air updates required by vehicles of the future, regardless of their type.
Sonatus gives the automotive industry unprecedented security to enable automotive innovation through secure OTA software updates. Updater complies or exceeds auto industry security standards in the market, for example UNECE Cybersecurity Regulations R155/R156, the Uptane framework for OTA software updates, as well as Role Based Access Control and strict approval workflows. Automotive manufacturers and car owners can avoid reduce risks, knowing that OTA updates to major components or even small connected systems will be safe and secure, whether updated over WiFi or data sent over a cellular network.

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