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Sonatus Collector

Drive continuous vehicle innovations with data

Improve vehicle quality and customer experience throughout the lifetime of vehicles using dynamically collected data.

Maximize the value
of connected vehicle data

Sonatus Collector allows OEMs to instantly gather precise vehicle data using lightweight collection policies to improve vehicle quality, enhance customer experience and to enable value-added vehicle services.

Collect data dynamically

Collect data

Data collection policies can be applied in real time throughout the vehicle lifespan, from pre-production to post-sales and even while the vehicle is in use. No code changes or heavy OTA updates required.

Support diverse use cases

diverse use cases

Support a wide range of data-driven applications for innovations in customer experience, improved vehicle quality and safety, and new sources of revenue.

Reduce development costs

Leverage vehicle
data cost-effectively

Optimize data collection without software updates using targeted, lightweight policies that reduce data upload and processing costs.

Customer Success

Hyundai’s data-driven approach to continuous improvements

Hyundai Motor Group case study

Discover how Hyundai Motor Group is leveraging Sonatus Collector to gather diagnostic data in real-time to continuously improve the quality of their vehicles and provide excellent car ownership experiences throughout vehicle lifetimes.

Read the case study

Sonatus Collector overview video


Rich and precise data collection at any stage of the vehicle lifecycle, regardless of E/E architecture.

View the architecture
Access any vehicle data

Collect from thousands of signals and data points to support diverse sets of connected vehicle applications. Data collected include:

  • CAN signals
  • ECU diagnostics
  • Log files
  • Media captures
  • Network statistics
Collect data dynamically

Use an intuitive UI or extensive set of APIs to define policies in minutes and deploy them in real time to vehicles in any stage of their lifecycle.

  • Create policies with cloud console or APIs
  • Manage campaigns across millions of vehicles
  • Dynamically adapt collection scope, duration and resolution
  • Support multiple user groups simultaneously
  • Merge multiple policies into one
  • Lightweight policies measured in kilobytes
  • Multiple storage and transmission modes
Trigger data collection precisely

Define fine-grained and lightweight collection policies to acquire data precisely based on trigger conditions. Trigger events include:

  • CAN signals
  • Vehicle power status
  • Geofence
  • Schedules, time-of-day/day-of-week
  • User-defined and 3rd party events
Data security and privacy

Maintain secure access and protect data in the vehicle, during transmission and in the cloud.

  • Role based access control
  • Data encrypted at rest
  • Transmission secured using TLS
  • GDPR compliant

Use cases supported
by Sonatus Collector

Improve EV range use case

Tune ECUs for
optimal performance

Use real-world driving data to dynamically calibrate ECUs for better results.

Learn more
Gather data instantaneously use case

Resolve customer
issues faster

Gather data instantaneously to diagnose customer issues to proactively resolve them.

Learn more
Power diverse fleet solutions use case

Power diverse
fleet solutions

Access data from across the fleet to power applications for driver safety, fuel efficiency and more.

Learn more
Sonatus Foundation

Supercharge data collection with a vehicle infrastructure built on Sonatus Foundation

Standards supported

GDPR Compliant
Automotive Grade Linux
ASAM Member

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