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Sonatus Collector

Drive continuous innovation with vehicle data collection

Improve vehicle quality and customer experience throughout the lifetime of vehicles using dynamically managed and updated vehicle data collection.

Customer Case Study
Image of connected cars collecting data using Sonatus collector
Transparent side view of a modern car in motion

Maximize the value
of connected vehicle data

Sonatus Collector allows OEMs to instantly gather precise vehicle data using lightweight collection policies to improve vehicle quality, enhance customer experience and to enable value-added vehicle services.

Collect data dynamically

Collect data

Data collection policies can be applied in real time throughout the vehicle lifespan, from pre-production to post-sales and even while the vehicle is in use. No code changes or heavy OTA updates required.

Zonal architecture allows the automotive industry to deliver new features, improve safety, consolidate processing power, and save space and vehicle weight

diverse use cases

Enable car manufacturers to provide a with precise quality vehicle data, making cars with improved customer experience, vehicle quality, fleet management, safety, and unlocking new sources of revenue.

Reduce development costs

Leverage vehicle
data cost-effectively

Optimize data collection without software updates using targeted, lightweight policies that reduce data upload and processing costs.

Customer Case Study

Maximizing the
Value of Vehicle Data

Blue car made of an abstract polygon network

Discover how a top global automaker:

  • Saw 80x improvement in data collection efficiency using Sonatus Collector
  • Broke down data silos to achieve greater results across multiple parts of the organization
  • Drove continuous innovation with dynamic vehicle data collection

Sonatus Collector overview video


Rich and precise data collection at any stage of the vehicle lifecycle, regardless of E/E architecture.

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Access any vehicle data

Collect from thousands of signals and data points to support diverse sets of connected vehicle applications. Data collected include:

  • CAN signals
  • ECU diagnostics
  • Log files
  • Media captures
  • Network statistics

Collect data dynamically

Use an intuitive UI or extensive set of APIs to define policies in minutes and deploy them in real time to vehicles in any stage of their lifecycle.

  • Create policies with cloud console or APIs
  • Manage campaigns across millions of vehicles
  • Dynamically adapt collection scope, duration and resolution
  • Support multiple user groups simultaneously
  • Merge multiple policies into one
  • Lightweight policies measured in kilobytes
  • Multiple storage and transmission modes

Trigger data collection precisely

Define fine-grained and lightweight collection policies to acquire data precisely based on trigger conditions. Trigger events include:

  • CAN signals
  • Vehicle power status
  • Geofence
  • Schedules, time-of-day/day-of-week
  • User-defined and 3rd party events

Data security and privacy

Maintain secure access and protect data in the vehicle, during transmission and in the cloud.

  • Role based access control
  • Data encrypted at rest
  • Transmission secured using TLS
  • GDPR compliant

Use cases supported
by Sonatus Collector

Improve EV range use case

Tune ECUs for
optimal performance

Use real-world driving data to dynamically calibrate ECUs for better results.

Learn more
Gather data instantaneously use case

Resolve customer
issues faster

Gather data instantaneously to diagnose customer issues to proactively resolve them.

Learn more
Power diverse fleet solutions use case

Power diverse
fleet solutions

Access data from across the fleet to power applications for driver safety, fuel efficiency and more.

Learn more

Frequently asked questions?

The reality is that the vast amount of data available in most cars today is never used and unused data do not enable automotive innovation. As cars become connected devices, delivering capabilities demanded by modern consumers requires the data collection is more advanced if we hope to deliver the full promise of software-defined vehicles.
Collector provides secure connection to public cloud providers or private clouds from car companies, ensuring data from sensors, cameras, and other vehicle systems are protected by modern standards to ensure privacy and security. Connecting cars to the internet is critical to deliver cars with modern connected services, but that process needs to be secure.
Sonatus Collector is compliant with privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU and other standards in the US such as the California Consumer Privacy Act. Car companies typically ask drivers of modern cars to accept privacy policies based on their preferences and privacy laws in their geography. Collector enables car companies to customize collection of personal information based on the driver’s selections as OEMs offer data products like connected services, ensuring the data collection is tailored to a driver’s wishes. Most drivers choose a mixture of privacy settings and Sonatus collector can ensure companies can satisfy this diverse need for data privacy of personal data.
Ensuring privacy is paramount, and Collector only gathers data points approved by the driver. Whether location, vehicle performance, sensor data, or other vehicle data, data handling complies with a vehicle owner’s individual preferences. In fact, the ability to protect all this data in a customized fashion is a key benefit that a car company can use to reassure car buyers of their data privacy. Drivers and companies may also choose to enable aggregated personal data that removes their most sensitive personal information while still enabling automotive innovation and enabling solutions for analyzing data.
Data is used in modern vehicles for many benefits. Autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are growing consumers of vehicle data to improve safety, avoid driver fatigue through data from sensors and cameras. In fact, some ADAS safety features are required in new vehicles, enabling car manufacturers to make cars safer. Sonatus Collector can support the development and tuning of ADAS systems using superior data from multiple sensors in the vehicle.
Sonatus is not a data broker, instead it enables car manufacturers to provide capabilities and services in their cars. The car manufacturer and the drivers have full control over the data they collect, consistent with the privacy policies and privacy laws that give drivers and consumers confidence in how the companies will use their personal data. Also unlike traditional telematics solutions, Sonatus Collector enables companies to dynamically adapt the types of data collected from sensors, configure the data resolution, capture frequency, and decide if the car’s computers should process the data locally or upload it to the cloud.

Sonatus Collector supports data from every type of vehicle from cars, light trucks, cargo vehicles, transportation and more. As every vehicle is becoming connected to the internet, vehicles create opportunities for companies to improve every aspect of vehicle operation spanning fuel efficiency, quality, safety, fleet management, and sustainability compared to others that lack rich data.

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See how Network Shared Storage (NSS) in Sonatus Foundation allows auto-makers to centralize in-vehicle storage and manage it dynamically from the cloud.

Sonatus Foundation

Supercharge data collection with a vehicle infrastructure built on Sonatus Foundation

Standards supported

GDPR Compliant
Automotive Grade Linux
ASAM Member

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