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Case Study

Maximizing the Value of Vehicle Data

Improved connectivity capabilities for vehicles have expanded proficiency in the gathering and use of telemetry data produced by in-vehicle components, controllers, and sensors. This data is essential in the evolution of software-defined vehicles; its insights empower OEMs to fuel continuous innovation and feed new revenue models enabled by software.

Data collection challenges of a top global OEM

This customer case study examines how a top global OEM overcame the challenges of using vehicle data to drive business value throughout their organization and across the entire vehicle lifecycle.  Learn how they leveraged Sonatus Collector, a highly flexible, precise, and multi-purpose data collection solution, to streamline data capture while introducing more collection flexibility and business agility. 

Thanks to Sonatus Collector, the OEM has improved their data collection efficiency, implemented a near real-time data analysis pipeline, and eliminated data duplication and data silos, enabling greater collaboration.

Discover how a top global OEM:

  • Saw 80x improvement in data collection efficiency using Sonatus Collector
  • Broke down data silos to achieve greater results across multiple parts of the organization
  • Drove continuous innovation with dynamic vehicle data collection

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