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Sonatus Foundation Application Services

Manage cross-domain applications efficiently

Enable new cross-domain features and configure compute resources for optimal application performance. 

SOA Manager

Sonatus Foundation’s SOA Management Service turns any vehicle function into a Service Oriented Architecture service making it much easier to integrate cross-domain features and applications to create new capabilities and customer experiences.


  • Enables rapid deployment of new applications in vehicles without code changes
  • Modernizes existing vehicle functions by making them service-oriented 
  • Ensures new features are being added in a secure and reliable manner
  • Provides dynamic configurability from the cloud for faster innovation

Key Technical Features

  • Conversion of CAN-based ECU functions into SOA applications
  • SOA registry for service discovery and subscription 
  • Policy-driven management of access and communications among SOA services
  • Cloud-based monitoring of SOA services health, security and performance 

Container Manager

Container Management Service allows OEMs to easily create, install and dynamically configure containerized applications.  And once deployed, it simplifies how they are monitored, updated and secured, making it possible for OEMs to leverage the efficiency, scalability and portability of containerized applications.


  • Promotes containerized applications which are more efficient, scalable and portable 
  • Provides flexibility to deploy in both legacy and new Adaptive AUTOSAR models 
  • Reduces operational overhead by simplifying application management 
  • Improves application security by making them well-managed and monitored
  • Facilitates the migration to next-generation, centralized E/E architectures

Key Technical Features

  • In-vehicle Container Manager to orchestrate full lifecycle of containerized applications
  • Integration with POSIX OS, AUTOSAR Adaptive, and SOA
  • Fine grained resource isolation and access control
  • Virtual network for container-to-container and container-to-host communication
  • Security measures to restrict the syscall, network, and SOA service usage
  • Dynamic container configuration update from cloud
  • OTA updates of container image
  • Support for real-time applications
  • Full cloud-based visibility of health and activities of containerized in-vehicle applications
  • Tool chain to containerize both legacy and new in-vehicle applications
  • Enables cloud-native development and CI/CD delivery of applications

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