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Sonatus Automator

Innovate throughout the vehicle lifecycle

Enhance and improve quality and driving experience throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

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Accelerate the pace of automotive innovation without software development.

Sonatus Automator lets OEMs use automation policies to instantly create new vehicle functions, and streamline vehicle testing and diagnostics. 

Automotive technology and automotive software solutions can help accelerate future innovations for cars and trucks.


Use an orchestration framework to create event-triggered automation workflows that can be deployed to add new features, run test and diagnostic routines, and more.  

Accelerate time to market

Speed up

Prototype new features instantly to accelerate product cycles and perform automated end-of-line self-tests to ensure vehicle quality and get to market faster.

Reduce development costs

development costs

Minimize code development and validation costs, while ensuring safe use of automation through role-based access control.  

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Combine a rich set of triggers and actions into sophisticated workflow policies and deploy them instantly to create new vehicle experiences, or streamline testing and diagnostics processes. 

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Instantly automate vehicle functions

Use intuitive UI and APIs  for creating automation workflows that can be instantly deployed to a single or millions of vehicles. 

  • Role based access control for security and safety
  • Intuitive cloud console for instant policy creation 
  • Full set of APIs for 3rd party integration
  • Deploy with rich filters to target specific vehicles
  • Lightweight workflow policies in kilobytes

Trigger workflows from diverse events

Utilize a wide variety of in-vehicle and external events to precisely trigger automated actions. 

  • Flexible combination of triggers
  • CAN, Ethernet signals including DTCs
  • ECU events
  • Vehicle ignition status
  • Location/geofence
  • Schedule – time-of-day, day-of-week
  • External API calls and events
  • Prior workflow action

Create sophisticated workflows

Define sophisticated automation workflows that combine triggers and actions into new in-vehicle functions or self-test routines. 

  • Multi-stage workflows
  • Pipeline, tree, state machine based 
  • Sequential or parallel processing 
  • Support for diverse use cases
  • Workflow execution tracking

Automate a wide variety of actions

Actuate many vehicle functions, run diagnostic tests, notify external applications, or trigger additional workflows.

  • Actuate one or more vehicle functions
  • Update ECU calibration parameters
  • Execute diagnostic and test routines
  • Apply cybersecurity mitigation policies
  • APIs to 3rd party applications
  • SMS alerts
  • Initiate another automation workflow

Use cases supported
by Sonatus Automator

End-of-line testing use case

Speed up
end-of-line testing

Learn how Sonatus Automator can reduce manual testing with automated self-tests to ensure customers get an error-free vehicle.

Learn more
Deliver new experiences

Deliver new user
experiences anytime

Delight customers with new and personalized user experiences that are created by simply automating existing vehicle functions.

Learn more
Sonatus Foundation

Add flexible in-vehicle automation on a vehicle infrastructure that supports agile changes enabled by Sonatus Foundation.

Standards supported

GDPR Compliant
Automotive Grade Linux
ASAM Member

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