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Vehicle end-of-line

Line testing panel use case

Customers expect their new vehicles to just work and end-of-line tests are crucial to make that happen. Yet it’s often a laborious and expensive part of the production process to check if the dozens of functions work as designed.

Challenge: Check if the A/C works as designed on all new vehicles

Rigorous testing of each vehicle function, like the HVAC system, is typically limited to technicians manually testing it on a small sample of vehicles. That can lead to some vehicles being shipped with defective systems.

Automate A/C functional tests across thousands of vehicles

Sonatus Automator allows test engineers to automate many of the manual functional tests during end-of-line testing onsite, remotely, or as they sit idle while being readied for shipment.

  • Engineers use Automator’s console or APIs to design HVAC test routines.
  • Routines automate complex workflows with specific triggers and actions.
  • Triggers encompass numerous vehicle signals, external APIs, or contextual events.
  • Actions include vehicle functions, diagnostics, interactions with external entities, etc.
  • Test routines are deployed remotely to production vehicles, running during idle periods.
  • Tests monitor HVAC functionality, checking if a set temperature is reached in time.
  • Large-scale tests ensure quality control in newly produced vehicles.

Improve quality testing efficiency with Sonatus Automator

This is one of many such tests that Sonatus Automator can automate to greatly reduce the operational overhead of end-of-line functional testing. Its support for a vast array of triggers and actions, automakers can dramatically improve testing efficiency and reduce the overall cost of production.

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Sonatus Automator overview

Sonatus Automator can accelerate innovation across the product lifecycle from ideation, development, testing and field improvement.
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