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Improve EV range with real-world data

Increase EV range use case

As software increasingly drives vehicle features, automotive engineers can use real-world data to improve vehicle performance.

Challenge: Improving EV range

For example, in order to get more efficient battery usage for better range, engineers currently rely on data from just a few test vehicles to tune motor control ECUs.

Any calibrations made using this limited data set is often confined to new vehicles, since applying them to post-production vehicles can be inconvenient and expensive.

An agile and automated cloud-edge solution makes it possible

Using Sonatus Collector and Automator, OEM engineers can gather real-world data to refine motor control ECU parameters for optimized battery range, and apply them directly to in-market vehicles.

  • Collector policy gathers motor performance and battery data
  • Collection is activated under various driving conditions
  • Analysis identifies vehicle models with sub-optimal battery performance
  • Motor control ECU data map is recalibrated for better performance
  • Automator applies updates to identified models when vehicle is not in use

Offer a driving experience that gets better over time

Sonatus Collector and Sonatus Automator allows OEMs to use real-world driving data to give customers vehicles and driving experiences that continuously improve over time.

  • Gather and analyze real-world data
  • Apply enhancements at any time in vehicle lifecycle
  • Delight customers with a continuously improving vehicle

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