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Support diverse fleet applications

fleet applications use case

With the growth of e-commerce and online delivery services, the sale of commercial vehicles and related services have become a strategic part of an automotive OEM’s business.  

Fleet telematics and connected services have the potential to add a significant amount of revenue and profits to automakers’ bottom line.

Challenge: Supporting diverse fleet applications

However, OEMs face the challenge of providing flexible and tailored access to vehicle and driving data to support the diversity of fleet applications. 

Leverage a dynamic data solution for fleet applications

Sonatus Collector enables OEMs to provide fleet service providers convenient and tailored access vehicle and driver data.  

  • Access hundreds of signals, log and media files 
  • Create custom data collection policies with intuitive UI or APIs 
  • Get precise data for any fleet application with finely tuned triggers
  • Configure collection frequency to suit application needs
  • Create and deploy policies in real-time 
  • Give separate or simultaneous access to multiple user groups 
  • Use comprehensive set of filters to target a single vehicle or thousands

Capitalize on the growth of fleet services

With Sonatus Collector, automakers are able to monetize vehicle data by providing fleet service providers the telematics data they need to achieve proactive diagnostics and maintenance, fuel efficiency, driver safety, regulatory compliance, and much more. 

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