Digital Dynamics Digital Dynamics

To win with software-defined vehicles,
they need to be dynamic

Winning in the digital era is all about using digital technologies to develop speed, agility, and efficiency—about becoming dynamic. The Software-Defined Vehicle holds this great opportunity for automakers. But they cannot win with OTA software updates alone—developing, testing, and deploying them is time-consuming and resource-intensive. To be a leader, OEMs will need the capability to update vehicles instantly.

The Sonatus Digital Dynamics™ platform helps automakers create a foundation for dynamic software-defined vehicles that can evolve and adapt in real-time—empowering them to innovate faster, reduce complexity and costs, and become more agile.

Digital Dynamics Digital Dynamics

Innovate in real-time with the Digital Dynamics™ software-defined vehicle platform

Digitally Dynamic

Sonatus compresses decades of digital innovation into its scalable Digital Dynamics™ platform. Our enabling technologies empower automakers with more dynamic capabilities to harness vehicle data, add features, diagnose problems, and more—in real-time—without the cost and disruption of developing and deploying software updates.

Sonatus brings software-defined capabilities to new heights with the first-of-its-kind application of Intelligent Automation at the vehicle core. In addition to the automated optimization of in-vehicle infrastructure, the architecture enables the creation of new features, functionality, and personalizations—without writing a single line of code.

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The road to software-defined vehicles was paved in data centers

Software-defined technologies originate from modern data centers. Sonatus’ software incorporates advanced technologies and design principles from these demanding environments to achieve the necessary attributes of a software and data-centric product.

Platform Attributes
Platform Attributes


Seamlessly connected and secure fleet-wide vehicle monitoring, management, and configuration

Dynamically Configured

Quickly configure and update vehicles via Code-less Updates (no software updates required)


Intelligent and dynamic collection and access to vehicle data; Instantly update vehicles

Scalable & Portable

Compatible with industry-standard hardware and easily reused across current and future lineups

Secure by Design

Integrated multi-point, multi-layered cybersecurity, and simplified integration with other solutions

Platform Attributes Cloud Empowered Dynamically Managed Real-Time Scalable & Portable Secure by Design
We’re software-defined vehicle specialists

We’re software-defined vehicle specialists

Sonatus is laser-focused on building high-performance software-defined solutions—from the E/E architecture to the backend (cloud)—that accelerate automakers’ journeys to building dynamic software-defined vehicles.

Our expertise is rooted where vehicles are headed

Sonatus stands out as a trusted partner because of our unparalleled expertise developed through pioneering software-defined technologies in the IT/data center and automotive worlds.

Our expertise is rooted where vehicles are headed
The fast lane to building competitive advantage in the digital era

The fast lane to building competitive advantage in the digital era

Our ready-built and scalable solutions introduce the essential enabling technologies for software-defined vehicles and can be integrated in as fast as a year.

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Working with Sonatus is different—
in all the right ways

At Sonatus, we pride ourselves on our nimbleness, but never at the cost of collaboration. We work closely with our OEM customers, and their Tier 1s, to ensure our agile development methods complement their existing development processes.

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