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A platform to accelerate the future of vehicles

Jun 3, 2023

Today Sonatus is launching a comprehensive redesign of how we explain our products and our company and it’s my honor to explain it to you. Sonatus has been around since 2019 and our products are in volume production today, scaling towards dozens of OEM models and millions of vehicles by 2024. Vehicle technology is complicated, and it can be difficult to understand how pieces fit together, and how a company’s offering can add unique value. Today’s announcement aims to make that clearer in every way.

We’re launching our Sonatus Vehicle Platform.
Solving the problem of software-defined vehicles can’t be done with a single piece of software. Our Sonatus Vehicle Platform provides a rich set of critical products that support the shift to software-defined vehicles. It is composed of four critical products that work seamlessly together but can also be adopted separately to enable customers to adopt the specific technologies they need based on where they are in their vehicle E/E and software architecture evolution:

  • Sonatus Foundation. Critical enabling technologies that serve as the foundation to the shift to software-defined vehicles, such as networking, application management, data management, and cybersecurity
  • Sonatus Collector. An industry-leading dynamically-configurable data collection product for vehicles that enables powerful trigger conditions and efficient data collection, gathering, and upload to the cloud
  • Sonatus Automator. Our newest technology, which enables extensibility to vehicles throughout their lifecycle and can address use cases from production test, field diagnostics, feature prototyping and value-added services
  • Sonatus Guard. Our network-centric cybersecurity product that works in conjunction with Foundation to protect vehicles from outside threats, and prevents a threat from spreading if it makes its way into the vehicle


We’re launching a new corporate identity.
Our new, clean modern logo makes our mission to “Accelerate Vehicle Software Innovation” visually apparent. We believe in technology’s key role in taking vehicles to the future, and our visual identity is meant to convey our commitment to driving this progress, to fast forward to the future of mobility.

We’ve completely redesigned our corporate web site.
We want to make our technology easier to understand so that you have a better grasp of its differentiating features and the diverse use cases it enables. Our new site explains each of our products and how they work together, and gives you access to more information than ever before.

We’ve worked hard to make these updates, with the goal to make it easier to understand how Sonatus’ products and technologies may fit into customer projects. We look forward to working along side you to accelerate vehicle software innovation

Dr. John Heinlein
Chief Marketing Officer

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