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vehicle sales
to rental fleets

Rental fleets use case

Rental fleet companies buy millions of vehicles annually, making them a valuable customer segment for automakers. By providing value-added fleet services to such customers, auto manufacturers can create additional revenue streams and improve the purchase appeal for their vehicles.

Sonatus Collector and Automator give automotive OEMs an opportunity to provide such services, by helping fleet operators efficiently manage and maintain their fleet.

Remote diagnostics ensures quick vehicle turnaround

Using Collector’s policy-driven data collection, fleet operators can automatically collect vehicle diagnostic data whenever error codes are generated.

  • Deploy error code triggered diagnostic data collection policy fleet-wide
  • Analyze error-triggered data uploads from vehicles
  • Determine resolution and order parts if needed
  • Alert technicians and schedule for upcoming repairs

By proactively collecting the diagnostic data, fleet operators are able to ensure a quick service turnaround that gets their vehicles ready for rental again.

Monitoring vehicles for rental contract compliance

Collector also empowers fleet operators to ensure compliance with rental contracts using policies to monitor for a wide variety of driving behavior, including the following.

  • Define geofences to restrict where vehicles can be driven
  • Set thresholds to get alerted on instances of excessive speeding
  • Detect instances of harsh driving and road incidents

Monitoring where and how their vehicles are driven allows rental fleet operators to keep track of and prevent misuse, which in turn results in better insurance coverage and costs..

Automated vehicle testing streamlines vehicle maintenance

Automator allows fleet operators to automatically test essential vehicle functions such as door lock/unlock, electronic windows, HVAC and more. It also automates the process of checking for various charge, fuel, oil and fluid levels.

  • Deploy Automator recipes to automate testing of key vehicle functions
  • Configure recipes to run when vehicles are idle in the fleet lot or depot
  • Tend to vehicles that fail tests or that need refills and top-ups

Automator’s test routines allow rental fleet operators to keep their vehicles in excellent driving condition very efficiently and at low costs.

Value-added services enhance OEMs’ value proposition to rental companies

Rental fleet operators are a valuable customer segment for automakers. Sonatus Collector and Automator give OEMs an edge when competing for those sales by enabling fleet companies to improve operational efficiency and lower costs.

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