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Accelerating Vehicle Software Innovation at CES 2023

Our team was thrilled to attend CES this year and be among other vehicle tech leaders as part of the focus on future transportation showcased in the West Hall. CES 2023 hosted over 115,000 attendees and 3,200 exhibitors from 140 countries. The brand new West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center was overflowing with incredible vehicle technologies of (literally) all shapes and sizes. From private vehicle companies, ranging from the industry leaders like Stellantis, BMW, Volvo, and others to newer OEMs such as VinFast from Vietnam, Togg from Turkey, and more. Also exhibiting were Tier-1 suppliers including Hyundai-Mobis (our next-door neighbor at the show!), CARIAD, and others who were complemented by diverse suppliers of automotive silicon, systems, and sensors. Especially notable were the numerous LiDAR companies, as solid state LiDAR continues to evolve and cost-reduce. Not to be outdone, there were demonstrations of commercial vehicles such as future autonomous shuttle system concepts, agricultural vehicles including a precision agricultural weed sprayer from John Deere with arms over 100 feet wide, and construction vehicles including a monstrous dump truck from Caterpillar with tires taller than me (I’m still not quite sure how they got the dump truck inside the building, that must be a heck of a door!). There was almost no category or part of the supply chain that was not represented at the show.

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Sonatus in four words

When I was in high school – a great many years ago! – nearly every morning our diminutive, stern, but also affable principal would tell us about something important that we needed to know and would always finish with his signature phrase “…a word to the wise is sufficient.” It took me some years to fully appreciate his wisdom: his point was that if we listened to what he said, we would only need to be informed one time for us to heed his wise counsel and that the right choice of words have the power to convey their message succinctly.

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