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Welcome to The Garage

May 2, 2023

As a technology company in the automotive industry, our garage at the back of our building is where the magic happens. It’s where we test our product, collaborate with partners, and see our innovations come to life.

Today, we’re excited to share some of that magic with you through our new podcast and video series: The Garage. 

This series will bring you thought leaders in the automotive technology space to discuss software innovation in vehicles. We’ll talk with experts from Sonatus, as well as from our amazing partners across the industry, all of whom will share their Ideas and their outlook for the most important topics in vehicle technology. Some topics will be more technical, others will focus on the business changes in the vehicle space—these are all designed to offer you useful and thoughtful ideas.

In our inaugural episode of The Garage, I speak with Sonatus CEO and co-founder Jeff Chou about a wide range of topics relating to issues of hardware, software, networking, cloud computing, and everywhere in between. We explore:

  • The definition of Software Defined Vehicles (SDV): What does it mean to be an SDV, and what capabilities does an SDV enable?
  • The critical elements needed to make an SDV
  • How current vehicles need to evolve to reach the full potential of an SDV

We know everyone consumes content differently, so we are making it easy to follow The Garage in multiple places. It will be available on the Sonatus YouTube channel if you’d like to see us in the video and get a glimpse of our facility and some of the cars that incorporate our technology. If you’re interested in listening to The Garage on the go, we’ve also published an audio version as a podcast, which is available on Spotify and Apple. Video and audio only versions plus transcripts of all episodes are available on the Sonatus website in the Resources Library.

I look forward to seeing you in The Garage!

Dr. John Heinlein
Chief Marketing Officer


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