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Three lessons from the 2023 Automotive Ethernet Congress

Sonatus recently attended the Automotive Ethernet Congress in late March in Munich, Germany with more than 1000 attendees, speakers and exhibitors from 26 countries. The event harnessed the energy driving the automotive ethernet ecosystem. As I’ve immersed myself into the automotive technology world, the notion that “software is eating the world” continues to ring in my mind, however, I might change this to read “the network is eating the world.” In vehicles, the software functions resident in isolated components are now exposed to other software functions, some centralized, some in the cloud and potentially others located in neighboring vehicles. The implications for services and applications are profound. This puts enormous pressure on the network in terms of quality of service, bandwidth, reliability, security, power consumption and cost. The Automotive Ethernet Congress offered an opportunity to see how this eaten world may come about through the application of Ethernet technology. Here are some key takeaways:

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