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CES 2024

Accelerating the Shift to SDVs
with Sonatus

Sonatus is excited to be back in Las Vegas for CES 2024. This year, we are demonstrating our newly expanded Sonatus Vehicle Platform and introducing several new solutions and partnerships that further expand our mission to accelerate vehicle software innovation and the shift to SDVs.

Sonatus has recently reached the milestone of deployment in over 1 million production vehicles spanning the leading-edge Hyundai IONIQ6, Kia Sorrento, Genesis GV60, Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia EV9, the Hyundai Sonata and other models.

While you are welcome to visit us at Booth #4325 in the West Hall at your convenience, if you would like to meet with our team, we recommend reserving time by submitting the request form. We will follow up with you to confirm a time.

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About Sonatus

Sonatus delivers products and solutions that serve as key software building blocks to accelerate vehicle software innovation. We enable automotive companies and their ecosystem to innovate faster and deliver continuous improvements in costs, capabilities, reliability and user experience over the vehicle lifespan. Sonatus is your partner for realizing the full promise of software-defined vehicles.

Products and solutions showcased at CES 2024

The Sonatus Vehicle Platform comprises a family of complementary technologies that address many key requirements to transition vehicles to SDVs.  This year, Sonatus has added significant new solutions and product offerings to the platform, spanning diverse use cases—including advanced networking, data management, vehicle automation, and cloud integration—that OEMs and their suppliers face as they shift to SDVs.

Sonatus Collector

Sonatus Collector Integrated with AWS Cloud

Sonatus’ groundbreaking real-time data collection platform demonstrating tight integration with AWS for dynamic data enhancement, enabling OEM and downstream services.

Sonatus Automator

Sonatus Automator

Lets OEMs use automation policies to instantly create new vehicle functions, and streamline vehicle testing and diagnostics without software development throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

  • Use case: Demonstrating the power of automation to drive efficiency in fleet operations, Automator can pre-configure vehicles for fleet drivers, enforce driving restrictions for safety and compliance, and run automated diagnostics for predictive maintenance.
  • Use case: Customized and dynamic vehicle lighting, which not only allows users to personalize their vehicle lighting instantly but can dynamically display contextual information to, alert, inform, and delight throughout the drive.

NEW Vehicle Personalization Solution

Building on Sonatus Automator, the Vehicle Personalization Solution enables OEMs to bring rich vehicle personalization to all price points, including mass-market vehicles. OEMs can deliver personalization via smartphones, IVI, and web, and instantly deploy customizable features from the cloud.

NEW Software Defined Component Solution

Enables vehicle components to be monitored and tuned, including with dynamic feedback based on the changing vehicle environment.

  • Use case: Optimize driving dynamics in real-time, through a closed feedback loop in which data is collected from vehicles in real-world operation, aggregated in the cloud for OEM and Suppliers to optimize, and updated parameters can be deployed to vehicles for improvements in efficiency and performance.

NEW Sonatus Updater

Empowers automakers to securely manage all automotive software updates with predictability and end-to-end traceability. Sonatus Updater is a comprehensive product built to help auto manufacturers manage OTA updates for the rapidly evolving software content in vehicles today and the future.

Plus other exciting announcements to be unveiled at CES!

Demonstration partners

Event schedule

Tuesday, Jan. 9
Title: Digitalization of Automotive Lighting

Yu Fang, CTO, Sonatus
Michael Rosenauer, Dir. of Innovation, Lighting Division, Plastic Omnium

Sonatus is proud to sponsor again this convivial auto tech reunion on January 9th, 6-9 PM at the Bellagio Ballroom in the Bellagio Hotel.
Wednesday, Jan. 10
Title: Sonatus Collector Integrated with AWS Cloud & Real-Time Enrichment

John Heinlein, Ph.D. CMO, Sonatus
Michael Garcia, Principal Product Solutions Architect, AWS

Title: COVESA: A Vision for Connected Vehicles

John Heinlein, Ph.D. CMO, Sonatus
Steve Crumb, Executive Director, COVESA

Title: Developing and deploying the Software-Defined Vehicle

John Heinlein, Ph.D. CMO, Sonatus
Robert Day, Director, Automotive GTM, Arm

Thurs, Jan. 11
Title: Sonatus Collector Integrated with AWS Cloud & Real-Time Enrichment

John Heinlein, Ph.D. CMO, Sonatus
Michael Garcia, Principal Product Solutions Architect, AWS

Title: Bringing personalized vehicle experiences to the mass market

Sanjay Khatri, Head of Product, Sonatus
Eric Monjalon, Product Manager, Marelli


COVESA Networking Reception

Mark your calendar for the COVESA reception at CES. Sonatus is proud to sponsor again this convivial auto tech reunion on January 9th, 6-9 PM at the Bellagio Ballroom in the Bellagio Hotel. To receive an invitation, submit the form and mention COVESA in the message, or contact us.

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