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Sonatus & Hyundai Motor Group: A Powerful Partnership

Aug 11, 2021

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Sonatus is proudly partnering with Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) to forge new innovations within the E/E architecture across Hyundai’s vehicle lineup, including the Genesis, Hyundai, and Kia brands. As a critical first step, we have collaborated with Hyundai on the first-ever Genesis GV70 SUV. Recently launched, and extremely well-received, the GV70 features Sonatus software solutions supporting its next-generation digital technologies.

This is a tremendous achievement for Sonatus and builds on our market momentum, including our new, over-subscribed $35 million Series A funding round. Hyundai’s commitment to embracing bold and rapid innovation as a core strategy enabled us to develop and integrate our solution into the GV70 in under a year. Partnering with them puts Sonatus in prime position to shape the next-generation of software-defined vehicle solutions.

Very soon, all automakers will have to evolve their vehicle infrastructures with technologies like Ethernet, IP, and universal cloud connectivity, which requires innovative software that can orchestrate the increasingly complex vehicle and cloud environments. Sonatus’s approach and modular software solutions can help every automaker to quickly and strategically transition from legacy to next-generation architectures—wherever they may be on that journey today.

Helping to digitize the Genesis GV70 is just the beginning for Sonatus. Software-defined vehicles are the future of automotive and we intend to remain at the forefront of this revolution. Our Digital Dynamics™ software solutions will be used by Hyundai Motor Group to build out their existing capabilities and transform vehicles across their global lineups to become veritable datacenters on wheels—more quickly than may be imagined.

We look forward to working with automakers to unlock the full potential of their software-defined vehicles and help them to put the digitally dynamic vehicles on the road that will drive their digital futures.

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