Vehicle Automation

Enabling vehicle feature creation and automated optimization without new vehicle software

Automakers are increasingly acquiring and analyzing data about their products, services, and customers to gain insights that help them accelerate time-to-market, attract and retain customers, reduce costs, and create new revenue streams. Automation can multiply these benefits by automatically acting upon these insights quickly, flexibly, and predictably to bring new capabilities and personalization that drive both customer satisfaction and long-term business success. 

For example, automation can be used to mitigate software complexity and defects in modern vehicles—which often contain over 100 million lines of code. While over-the-air (OTA) updates reduce the costs and inconvenience of flashing software at workshops, OTA cannot reduce the inherent costs, delays, and risks of developing the software updates. Whereas in-vehicle automation enables OEMs to fix defects, tune performance, and add new functionality—without requiring new software. And cloud-based automation can centrally monitor, optimize, and update vehicles and fleets automatically—without burdening each vehicle with the sophisticated software required to do this. 

Sonatus Intelligent Automation

Our first-of-its-kind solution enables automakers to quickly and easily create and deploy Code-less vehicle features and functionality without requiring new vehicle software—during development and throughout the life of the vehicle. The solution analyzes a wide range of vehicle data and automatically triggers actions, both within vehicles and across fleets, ranging from sending notifications to changing vehicle settings and behavior. 

This innovative solution enables broad capabilities for OEMs—including quickly adding features and functionality, addressing defects, creating diagnostics alerts, and remotely controlling vehicle features—without writing new software. It also forms a foundation for advanced vehicle personalization and customization in the future.

Sonatus Benefits

  • Introduce new vehicle functionality and features without the time, cost, and risks of developing new software
  • Fix vehicles issues quickly to improve quality and customer satisfaction
  • Automatically identify vehicle issues and send alerts, commands, policies, and configurations
  • Fleet-wide monitoring, management, and automated optimization 
  • Reduce operation costs with cloud-based management


Sonatus Vehicle Automation Manager Sonatus Products

Create and deploy Code-less vehicle features without new software

  • Lightweight “recipes” define simple and complex vehicle features without requiring software development costs, delays, or risks
  • Features can be triggered by in-vehicle signals, events, states, location, etc. and external commands
  • Supports remote control of vehicles features from mobile and web applications
  • Cloud-based recipe manager allows non-technical users to quickly create and deploy Code-less features and fixes to vehicle and fleets
Sonatus Cloud Automation Platform Sonatus Products

Optimize vehicles and fleets using automated cloud workflows

  • Automation rules define simple and complex cloud workflows without burdening vehicles with additional complex software
  • Sends notifications, commands, and configurations to vehicles and to cloud-based applications 
  • Actions can be triggered by real-time fleet-wide vehicle data, trends, events, locations, etc. 
  • Cloud-based Rules manager allows non-technical users to quickly create and deploy automated workflows
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