Data Management

Getting the right data at the right time- and at the right cost

Dynamic vehicles are the result of rapid and continual data-driven innovation. In the digital era, innovation depends on analyzing and acting on near real-time data to support customers, transform products, optimize operations, and ultimately drive vehicles. 

Emerging vehicle technologies and capabilities rely on and generate exponentially more data. But to exploit vehicle data to their advantage, automakers need holistic, flexible, cost-efficient vehicle data collection and data pipelines. Sonatus’ game-changing end-to-end solution helps get automakers there quickly. 

Sonatus Dynamic Data Management

Sonatus' powerful solution enables automakers to adopt a data-driven approach to innovation by empowering them with the ability to get the right data at the right time- and at the right cost. 

Sonatus Dynamic Data Management arms automakers with the speed and agility to intelligently and securely collect, process, store, and access virtually any vehicle data—unlocking a wide range of use cases. Simplified tools for configuring data collection, accessing data, and supplying data to OEM and third-party applications empower the entire organization to leverage data to learn and improve outcomes continuously.

Sonatus Benefits

  • Reduce support, warranty, and recall costs by quickly collecting virtually any vehicle data needed to identify, diagnose, and resolve vehicle issues 
  • Reduce costs of vehicle data collection, transmission, and storage by only collecting data that is needed 
  • Reduce operations costs with cloud-based management of vehicle data collection policies, data processing, and notifications
  • Enable new business opportunities and revenue streams by leveraging a breadth of real-time vehicle data
Sonatus Solutions
Sonatus Solutions


Sonatus Dynamic Vehicle Data Collector Sonatus Products

Dynamic, flexible, secure, and cost-efficient collection of vehicle data

  • Define data collection in policies deployed via Code-less OTA updates (no ECU firmware changes required)
  • Multiple data collection options: persistent, streaming, and on-demand
  • In-vehicle pre-processing to reduce data size and transmission costs
  • Secure-by-design solution protects data in motion and at rest
Sonatus Vehicle Twin (Cloud Data Pipeline) Sonatus Products

Scalable, flexible, organization-wide access to near real-time vehicle fleet data

  • Vehicle data is pre-processed into easily understandable and actionable formats
  • Multiple stakeholders can simultaneously configure collection policies and access desired data
  • Flexible OEM fleet definitions/ data queries
  • Secure storage and access
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