Sonatus Partnerships & Associations

Collaborating to simplify and accelerate the digital transformation of the automobile.

Be at the Leading Edge of the Software-Defined Vehicle Transformation

Digital disruption is finally taking root in the traditional auto industry, bringing with it a wave of new opportunities for advanced technology providers.

Sonatus, based in Sunnyvale, CA, is a new kind of automotive software partner hyper-focused on the digital transformation of the vehicle E/E architecture. Our team is an ideal collection of some of the most talented architects of the IT Software-Defined evolution and automotive industry specialists. Sonatus provides in-vehicle and cloud platforms that enable automakers to innovate more quickly and boldly to build an advantage with their digital dynamics. Sonatus is not just providing a vision for the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV); we are already bringing it to market and quickly advancing it forward. Our solutions for a top global OEM are in mass production today and took just ten months to go from code to system integration.

Modular in nature and easily scalable, our platforms help automakers realize broad product and organizational benefits today while building a strategic roadmap to tomorrow's fully digitally transformed vehicle. To continue building our value proposition to automakers, we are growing our innovative strategic partners' network, with a particular focus on automotive processing, storage, and networking hardware. Our objective is to closely collaborate with our partners to offer automakers compelling holistic SDV infrastructure solutions that unleash digital innovation with their vehicles and services.

Partnership with Sonatus provides benefits in many areas, including:

  • Shared vision and advancement of SDV evolution
  • Co-development opportunities
  • Designing and building reference software and hardware architectures
  • Offering end-to-end solutions in vehicle
  • Accelerated new technology adoption supported by advanced E/E architecture adoption
  • Creation of new software-defined enabled revenue models and streams


Being at the leading edge of the automobile's digital transformation, Sonatus maintains associations with several professional organizations we collaborate with to contribute to essential areas related to SDV advancement strategically.