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NXP and Sonatus

Sonatus software platforms complement NXP silicon solutions to enable rapid adoption in automotive applications

Sonatus has a years-long partnership with NXP which is in high-volume production today. Sonatus software platforms are integrated with Tier-1 and OEM subsystems based on NXP automotive silicon solutions to serve a range of vehicle needs, including high performance programmable vehicle communication controllers.

Sonatus software also specifically activates differentiating features of NXP silicon for custom hardware acceleration to improve the speed and efficiency of the combined result.

Key Benefits
  • Achieve fast time to market
  • Sonatus platforms are ported and production-ready on NXP Silicon platforms
  • Sonatus platforms are featured in NXP GoldVIP reference platform
  • Sonatus and NXP have strong engineering relationships that anticipate future design trends and future silicon solutions

“With NXP hardware and Sonatus software working together effectively, we can enable vehicles with safe real-time processing, modern networking, and robust security.”

Brian Carlson from NXP

Head of Global Marketing
NXP Semiconductors

Webinars | Presentations

Accelerating the Automotive Shift
to Zonal Architectures

Experts from NXP and Sonatus present a technical foundation of hardware and software to accelerate the shift to future zonal architectures as the foundation of software-defined vehicles.

Zonal Architectures:
Enabling the Full Promise of SDVs

Presentation at Startup Autobahn EXPO2023 on insights of Sonatus’s collaboration with NXP on enabling zonal architectures for SDVs.

News | Insights

Sonatus In The News

Sonatus Joins NXP’s S32 CoreRide™ Platform

NXP Breaks Through Integration Barriers for Software-Defined Vehicle Development with Open S32 CoreRide Platform. This industry-first platform combines processing, vehicle networking and system power management with integrated software to address the complexity, scalability, cost-efficiency and development efforts required for next-generation vehicles.

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