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AWS and Sonatus

AWS and Sonatus are partnered to provide end-to-end solutions that harness the power of AWS and Sonatus cloud and in-vehicle software to bring software-driven innovation to automakers and their suppliers.

Sonatus Collector allows OEMs to instantly gather precise vehicle data using lightweight collection policies to improve vehicle quality, enhance customer experience and to enable value-added vehicle services. 

Sonatus Automator lets OEMs use automation workflows to instantly create new vehicle features, and streamline vehicle testing and diagnostics.

Accelerating Vehicle Software Innovation Together

Collector and Automator leverage the capabilities of various AWS services and infrastructure, including EKS, Route 53, AWS ELB, Databases, AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), and IoT Core, to seamlessly receive, process, and store data from connected vehicles in near real-time.

Our pre-validation of the platform on the AWS cloud has paved the way for effortless adoption of our joint solution by OEMs and Tier-1s. OEMs, Tier-1s and their partners can use this rich data source to enable various use cases and build innovative applications by leveraging services like AWS Sagemaker and others.

“Our work with Sonatus helps support OEMs in their adoption of modern cloud-native design practices that can ease the path to cloud connectivity. We value the data center and networking experience Sonatus brings to our engagement and to the SOAFEE cloud initiative to which we both belong.”

Case Study

Smart Car app with engine, tires and battery status information concept. Driver holds a mobile phone. Steering wheel and board display in the background
Marelli Increases In-Vehicle Personalization with Sonatus, Shortening Future Time-to-market

Creating Value for Automakers

Sonatus products coupled with AWS deliver powerful value to OEMs in multiple ways.

Speed up vehicle innovation cycles

Vehicles that
continuously improve

Collect precise data for cloud-based AI/ML analysis and dynamically apply updates to fine tune vehicle components for optimal performance in all driving conditions.

Deliver new experiences

Personalized driving experiences

Analyze user preferences and driving data to come up with personalized routines that automate vehicle functions for driving comfort, convenience and delight.

Deliver new revenue streams

New revenue

Configurable and easy access to vehicle data and in-vehicle automation opens up the path to new revenue sources – from feature subscriptions to fleet applications and usage based insurance.

Key Product Benefits

Sonatus Collector

Sonatus Collector

  • Collect data dynamically at any point in the vehicle life cycle using lightweight policies
  • Support diverse use cases simultaneously – from engineering to post-sales diagnostics and value-added services
  • Leverage data efficiently with granular policies for precise and efficient data collection
Sonatus Automator

Sonatus Automator

  • Innovate instantly using codeless routines to create new features and automate diagnostics
  • Speed-up time-to-market by prototyping new features and automating end-of-line testing
  • Reduce development costs by minimizing development with the use of automated workflows

Resources from Sonatus and AWS


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