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Dig into wide-ranging technical topics about modern vehicle technology with industry leaders, hosted by Sanjay Khatri, Head of Product, Sonatus.

Maximizing the Value of Vehicle Data

Sonatus Head of Product, Sanjay Khatri, provides a preview of Sonatus’s recently published customer case study, “Maximizing the Value of Vehicle Data”. We summarize the vehicle data collection challenges of one of the world’s largest automakers, and how they are using Sonatus Collector to overcome them to become data-driven across all facts of their business. The benefits include an 80X improvement in their use of vehicle data, among other tangible outcomes.
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Sonatus Advanced Vehicle Data Collection with AWS

Dr. John Heinlein, CMO at Sonatus, and Michael Garcia, Principal Product Solutions Architect at AWS, discuss and demonstrate the tight integration of Sonatus’ real-time data collection platform with AWS for dynamic data enhancement, enabling OEM and downstream services. Recorded at CES 2024 at the AWS Theater.
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Marelli: Bringing Personalized Vehicle Experiences

Eric Monjalon, Product Manager at Marelli, and Sanjay Khatri from Sonatus, present and discuss how the transition to software-defined vehicles will unleash the potential for vehicle owners and consumers to personalize their vehicles according to their individual preferences and needs. Recorded live at CES 2024.
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COVESA: Unlocking the Potential of Connected Vehicles

Steve Crumb, Executive Director of COVESA presents the mission of COVESA, their goals how they are working to bring important standards such as the Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) to the market, which Sonatus supports in our Sonatus Collector and Sonatus Automator products. Steve also talks about how to get involved in COVESA. Recorded live at CES 2024.
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Arm: Making SDV’s a Reality

Robert Day from Arm presents their strategy for making software-defined vehicles (SDV) a reality, spanning technical initiatives, product roadmap, alliances and industry initiatives. This wide-ranging discussion gives a rich picture of critical elements for the future of automotive from Arm. Recorded live at CES 2024.
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Adaptive Lighting for SDVs

In this episode, recorded live at CES 2024, Michael Rosenauer, Plastic Omnium Director of Innovation, Lighting Division and Yu Fang, Sonatus CTO, present the collaboration between the two companies to activate innovative lighting from Plastic Omnium using the flexible Sonatus Automator platform that can enable dynamic actions from the vehicle.
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Sonatus Updater

Over-the-air (OTA) vehicle updates are an integral part of the transition to SDVs. In this episode, we will cover the key challenges that OTA solutions must address as vehicle software infrastructure evolves, and how Sonatus Updater addresses those challenges.
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