Sonatus Solutions

The Sonatus Digital Dynamics™ Software-Defined Vehicle Platform

High-performance vehicle and cloud software solutions

The emergence of software-defined vehicles – which can be updated post-production to fix issues, improve performance, and add functionality and features – promises to change value propositions and business models. Over-the-air software updates can greatly reduce the costs and inconvenience of flashing firmware updates at service centers. However, with many vehicles containing more than 100 million lines of code, the cost and time associated with developing, validating, and deploying software updates will be significant.

The Sonatus Digital Dynamics™ platform goes further than other software-defined solutions by configuring and orchestrating vehicle behavior dynamically—enabling automakers to harness vehicle data, add features, remedy problems, and much more—without requiring software updates. Our In-Vehicle Infrastructure, Data Management, and Automation solutions form an intelligent foundation for dynamic software-defined vehicles that can adapt and evolve in real-time—empowering automakers to innovate faster, reduce complexity and costs, and become more agile.

Sonatus solutions are modular and compatible with industry-standard hardware. They offer automakers a strategic roadmap to accelerate the transformation of their lineups and build new competitive advantages in the digital era—regardless of where they are on that journey today.

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