Dynamic Cybersecurity for Software-Defined Vehicles


"For the past 50 years, vehicles have been on a steady path of adding more electronic hardware, software, and connectivity to meet increasing user expectations, competition, and regulation. As technology has advanced, however, the scope of risk of cyberattacks has expanded."

Connected Vehicles Create
New Opportunities, New Risks

Protecting against cybersecurity risks requires constant vigilance and quick decisive action. OEMs will need cybersecurity solutions that build on their software-defined and connectivity capabilities to detect and prevent cyberattacks against their vehicles and fleets. Software-defined vehicles have become an increasingly hot topic in the automotive industry as OEMs race to boost their competitive edge by deploying advanced vehicle technologies that will change the future of mobility as we know it. We invite you to learn more about some of the most vital factors OEMs must consider on the industry's journey to software-defined vehicles, including:



How technological and regulatory advances demand, making vehicle cybersecurity a top concern among automakers.



Why software-defined vehicles provide an optimal platform to prevent, detect, and counter cyberattacks.



How the application of modern in-vehicle cybersecurity measures and a cloud-based Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC) work together to deliver superior intrusion detection and prevention.


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