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Arm Tech Talks: Building Advanced Data Collection in Automotive

Modern vehicles create significant data across many subsystems, which can be used to improve quality, customer experience, diagnose problems, and enable value-added services. Conventional approaches to vehicle data management are largely fixed and cumbersome to configure, which may not capture the full potential the data could provide. Sonatus is accelerating vehicle software innovation by supporting the deployment of software-defined vehicle technologies. One of Sonatus’s products is a highly configurable data collector, that enables rapid, responsive, lightweight data collection that can adapt to changing needs and environments.

This system can gather data from a wide range of sources across the vehicle, and is customizable with programmable trigger conditions ranging from signal values, geofence locations, schedules and more. This approach is deployed in volume production today on Arm-based hardware platforms spanning many vehicle models across several OEMS. In this presentation, we will motivate the importance of configurable data collection and demonstrate the technology foundations for in-vehicle software, cloud management, and critical technology standards to ensure compatibility across a range of software foundations.

This talk is part of the Arm Tech Talk Series:

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