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Two new solutions for Software-Defined Vehicles

Dec 7, 2023

Today Sonatus announced two compelling new solutions based on the Sonatus Vehicle Platform: Sonatus Vehicle Personalization and Software-Defined Component. These solutions address important use cases for software-defined vehicles that take software in vehicles to the next level. We are proud to launch these new solutions in time to showcase them at CES 2024 in January. 

We recently announced our milestone of reaching over 1 million vehicles with our technology, and these solutions are a testament to our dedication to continue innovating to deliver the next generation of compelling vehicle software.

There are many existing resources about these new solutions, but here is a short overview of each: 

Sonatus Vehicle Personalization Solution

Consumers increasingly expect the ability to personalize their cars to their unique preferences and driving style, similar to how they can personalize their smartphone. In a survey commissioned by Sonatus, 83 percent of respondents said they expect automated profile personalization to become the standard in all vehicles. Still, today these features are generally offered only in high-end models. With the Vehicle Personalization Solution, Sonatus is introducing a cost-effective – yet technically advanced – way for OEMs to put the power of personalization directly into their customer’s hands for all types of vehicles, not just premium models. 

The Vehicle Personalization Solution is built on powerful infrastructure provided by Sonatus Automator, a no-code orchestration and automation framework for creating automation routines in the cloud and instantly applying them to vehicles at any point in their lifecycle. Using this framework, OEMs can quickly deploy in-vehicle, cloud, and smartphone apps to give drivers an amazingly personal experience. You can read more on the Vehicle Personalization Solution web page.

We’re working to demonstrate the power of this solution through a collaboration with leading automotive supplier Marelli and cloud leader AWS. You can read more about this collaboration in an AWS case study on our web site. Additional information about the product is available in the press announcement we published today.

My colleague Sanjay Khatri recently wrote about the value of personalization to consumers, and his blog “Delivering Personalized Vehicle Experiences to the Masses” explores some additional use cases. For a more technical take on it, check out one of the latest episodes of Driving Innovation, where Sanjay and Sonatus product manager Jimmy Yang talk about this new solution in detail.

Software-Defined Component Solution

You know about software-defined vehicles (SDV)…but what’s a Software-Defined Component (or SDC for short)? SDCs build on the observation that SDV investment today is often centered around a few main subsystems like ADAS and IVI. Those are surely important, but there are many components in a car that could benefit from ongoing optimization. In fact, in the same Sonatus-commissioned survey, four out of five drivers say they want their vehicles to adapt to the driving environment dynamically; however, today, ongoing tuning is often limited to only a handful of key vehicle controllers and requires difficult software validation as part of a larger OTA update. 

As we learn more about them, the industry’s understanding of tuning algorithms and use cases evolves and improves over time. The SDC Solution is the answer, enabling vehicle components to be monitored and tuned using a closed-loop optimization framework including dynamic feedback based on the changing vehicle environment.

The SDC Solution builds on top of Sonatus Collector to give unprecedented fine-grain data collection targeted specifically at the components of interest and in the specific scenarios worthy of optimization. This data can be aggregated, analyzed and tuned in the cloud, especially with increasingly powerful applications of AI/ML that deliver optimizations never before possible. Closing the loop is Sonatus Automator which can deploy updates to vehicle tuning, often without the need for a full OTA update. 

We are collaborating with industry leaders to demonstrate the power of these solutions, such as LG Innotek, a leading company in the global materials and components industry, and cloud leader AWS to show how a tunable motor can be tuned dynamically to improve performance and efficiency. A second collaboration with leading automotive technology supplier Plastic Omnium shows how the SDC solution can dynamically reconfigure exterior vehicle lighting and external screens without driver intervention, alerting other drivers to hazards. These are just two compelling examples of a myriad of use cases made possible by the SDC solution. 

Read more about this solution in our press announcement today, which includes additional perspectives from these collaborating companies and industry experts or visit the SDC solution web page

Sanjay Khatri also recently blogged about his personal experience with range anxiety. Using the SDC solution, OEMS can continuously improve their range prediction algorithms including adapting them to dynamic driving conditions such as hills and rain. Sanjay also published an episode of our technical podcast, Driving Innovation, where he spoke with Sonatus co-founder and CTO Yu Fang about the SDC Solution in more depth.

We are excited to share these new solutions with you that help demonstrate the power of the Sonatus Vehicle Platform. We look forward to meeting with you about these solutions, either in person at CES, or at another event. Please reach out and contact us to learn more.

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