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Sonatus Partners with Hyundai Motor Group to Drive the Future of the Software-Defined Vehicle

Genesis GV70 First Vehicle in Collaboration for Software that Supports Next-gen Technologies

Sunnyvale, Calif. – August 11, 2021 – Sonatus, a leading automotive software company that is unlocking the full potential of the software-defined vehicle, today announced a partnership with Hyundai Motor Group focused on innovations within the E/E architecture across Hyundai’s vehicle lineup, including Genesis, Hyundai, and Kia. As a first and foundational step, the two companies collaborated on the recently launched Genesis GV70 SUV, with Sonatus software solutions supporting next-generation digital technologies in the vehicle.Sonatus’ Digital Dynamics™ software solutions will be used by Hyundai to build out their existing capabilities with flexible vehicle data collection and monitoring, as well as with cloud-managed in-vehicle network management and optimization in next-generation Genesis, Hyundai, and Kia vehicles. The reality is that rapidly escalating digital demands of mobility will require all automobiles to quickly become veritable datacenters on wheels. Hyundai expects to enable the most demanding use cases of tomorrow with the Sonatus software suite.

Going forward, all OEMs will have to evolve their vehicle infrastructure with technologies like Ethernet, IP and universal cloud connectivity. However, the management of these technologies introduces significant new challenges. With this partnership, Sonatus is bringing critical experience and visibility that is enabling Hyundai to transition away from legacy architectures and transform its vehicle development, E/E architecture capabilities, and ownership experience—and ultimately build the digitally dynamic vehicles of the future.

“Partnering with Sonatus is an important part of our strategy to be on the leading edge of software-enabled innovation,” said Hyung Ki Ahn, vice president of the Electronics Development Group for Hyundai Motor Company (HMC). “Delivering rewarding digital technology experiences is a pillar of Genesis’ redefined luxury experience. With software solutions from Sonatus, we will have new capabilities to bring innovative new technologies to market faster. We look forward to a collaborative strategic partnership with Sonatus and many great innovations to come.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Hyundai Motor Group and put digitally dynamic vehicles on the road that are running Sonatus software,” said Jeffrey Chou, CEO and co-founder of Sonatus. “Bringing the Genesis GV70 to market is just the first step. As we embrace the future of mobility, our next-generation solutions will evolve even further, enabling game-changing vehicle automation capabilities such as the ability to create new vehicle features and functionality without writing a single line of code or replacing hardware. We are grateful for the confidence Hyundai has placed in Sonatus, and we look forward to growing our partnership to further drive software innovation at the vehicle core.”

Software-defined vehicles are the future of automotive, and Sonatus is at the forefront of this revolution by enabling automakers to digitally transform their lineups. The company’s flexible and easily scalable solutions make it easy for OEM customers to accelerate the digitization of their vehicles, embrace continuous innovation, and gain sustainable advantage in the digital era.

“Automakers that strategically align with partners that can help them accelerate the shift toward service delivery architectures will likely be the leaders in the digital era,” said Roger Lanctot, director of the global automotive practice at Strategy Analytics. “It’s encouraging to see Hyundai Motor Group partnering with an innovative new industry player like Sonatus as it seeks to gain an early-mover advantage with software-defined vehicles.”

Sonatus recently raised $35 million Series A financing to unlock the full potential of the software-defined vehicle. The round is comprised of world-class automotive and technology investors, including Hyundai Motor Group’s Kia Corporation, SAIC Capital, LG Electronics, Marvell Technology, UMC Capital, and Wanxiang Group Company, with Translink Capital leading the round.


Genesis is a global luxury automotive brand that delivers the highest standards of performance, design, safety, and innovation. Embodying its unique design language “Athletic Elegance,” Genesis offers a range of models including sedan lineup of the G90, G80 and G70 and SUV lineup of the GV70 and GV80. Starting from the electric model of the G80, Genesis will also add EV models to the lineup. Since its initial launch in Korea, Genesis has emerged in key global markets including North America, Europe, China, Australia, Russia, and Middle East establishing a strong relationship with customers around the world as one of the world’s premiere luxury car brands. For more information, please visit our official website at


Sonatus is accelerating vehicle software innovation and the transition towards software-defined vehicles. The diverse products comprising the Sonatus Vehicle Platform serve as the key building blocks that allow automotive companies and their ecosystem to fast forward to the future of mobility and deliver continuous improvements in costs, capabilities, reliability, and user experience over the vehicle lifespan. Sonatus’ award-winning software platform is in mass production in over 1 million vehicles from Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis today and will grow to millions of cars by 2024. The company has raised more than $110 million USD with world-class automotive, technology, and venture investors including Foxconn, Hyundai Motor Group’s Kia Corporation, LG Electronics, Marvell, NEC and Translink Orchestrating Future Fund, SAIC Capital, Translink Capital, UMC Capital, and Wanxiang. Sonatus is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA (Silicon Valley), with offices in Dublin, Paris, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo. Sonatus is a trademark of Sonatus, Inc. For more information visit

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