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June 3, 2023 < 1 minutes
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The Definitive Guide to Software Defined Vehicles

May 16, 2024
These days, the automotive industry is talking about software-defined vehicles (SDVs), but not everyone understands what this means. Don’t all vehicles...
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The Opportunity and Challenges of Vehicle Data

Apr 10, 2024
The increased opportunities from vehicle data will be a game changer in the years ahead. Data delivers not just one but rather a wide range of benefits...
行业趋势 3 minutes

Sonatus Joins NXP’s S32 CoreRide™ Platform

Apr 2, 2024
The Open S32 CoreRide™ Platform allows to further streamline the adoption of Sonatus alongside NXP and deliver the next wave of compelling SDVs.
Jeff and Yu win 2024 SDV Innovator awards
公司 < 1 minutes

Sonatus 赢得两项 2024 年 MotorTrend SDV 创新者奖

Jan 10, 2024
昨晚恰逢拉斯维加斯 2024 年消费电子展 (CES),Sonatus 高级管理人员有幸获得了 MotorTrend...
行业趋势 < 1 minutes

Sonatus Updater:现代车辆的软件更新管理

Jan 4, 2024
适用于各类车辆软件更新的统一解决方案 随着整个行业普遍向“软件定义车辆”(SDV)...
公司 3 minutes

The era of personalized vehicle experiences is here

Jan 3, 2024
Our recent episode of “Driving Innovation” featured Jimmy Yang, Product Manager at Sonatus, in conversation with our Head of Product…
公司 3 minutes

Transforming vehicles with a Software-Defined Component Solution

Dec 19, 2023
In the latest episode of our “Driving Innovation” series, we hosted Yu Fang, CTO and Co-Founder of Sonatus in conversation…
公司 3 minutes

OEMs are in the driver’s seat for delivering advanced fleet services

Dec 12, 2023
Boosting fleet management efficiency with in-vehicle automation and dynamic data collection solutions.
公司 3 minutes

Two new solutions for Software-Defined Vehicles

Dec 7, 2023
Today Sonatus announced two compelling new solutions based on the Sonatus Vehicle Platform: Sonatus Vehicle Personalization and Software-Defined Component....
Woman experiencing a personalized vehicle feature
行业趋势 3 minutes

Deliver personalized vehicle experiences to the masses

Nov 15, 2023
Consumers today expect their digital devices–whether phones, computers, smart home gadgets, or smartwatches–to give them personalized experiences. Take for...
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Nov 14, 2023
你数到过 1 百万吗?看起来容易得很,你和我一样肯定在孩提时都试过,但很快就放弃了。事实上,需要不眠不休地数上...
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The Road to Zero Defects: Automated Vehicle Testing

Oct 30, 2023
With the average cost of a new car nearing the average US salary of $50,000, ensuring new car owners drive…
数据收集 5 minutes

AWS and the Critical Importance of Cloud Computing in Automotive

Oct 19, 2023
Cloud computing, which is already invaluable to nearly every aspect of business infrastructure, has also become integral to the development…
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Reducing range anxiety with real-world vehicle data collection and dynamic updates

Oct 12, 2023
When 210 mile range isn’t 210 miles In a 2023 EV survey conducted by, 39% of respondents cited range…
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Jun 3, 2023
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