The Journey to Software-Defined Vehicles

How Evolving Vehicle Architectures Will Empower Future Mobility


"In software-defined vehicles, software will not only define vehicle functions, features and mobility applications but also forge platforms and core components upon which added value will continuously be implemented."

The Software-Defined Vehicle Journey Has Just Begun

Software-defined vehicles have become an increasingly hot topic in the automotive industry as OEMs race to boost their competitive edge by deploying advanced vehicle technologies that will change the future of mobility as we know it. We invite you to learn more about some of the most consequential factors influencing the industry's journey to software-defined vehicles including:

What makes a vehicle "software-defined," and the journey OEMs are taking to make software-defined vehicles a reality.

Advancements in updating vehicle software and adding new capabilities with OTA updates.

The build versus buy dilemma OEMs are facing in developing new vehicle software architectures.


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