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Simplifying, accelerating, and exploiting the digital transformation of the automobile.

Transforming Vehicle Development, Capabilities, and Ownership Experience

Hyper-focused on the biggest challenge the auto industry has faced.

Traditional OEMs are increasingly finding themselves in a position their historical competitive advantage in driving dynamics is not enough to compete in the digital era. In response to this inevitable digital disruption of the industry and punctuated by underestimated competitive pressures from new EV OEMs, automakers are making significant efforts to digitally innovate with their vehicles and associated processes and services. Despite this, they are increasingly struggling with vehicle evolution as the competitive gap widens with more digitally innovative leaders. With burgeoning complexity, cost, and record-high software defects and recalls in the background, the extent and challenges of the change required for transforming the vehicle to develop an advantage in digital dynamics are often underestimated and misunderstood.

Sonatus is certainly not alone among automotive suppliers in recognizing that this is the biggest challenge OEMs have ever faced. However, with our deep IT infrastructure expertise uniquely applied to the automotive industry and the advantages of already having solutions in mass production, we are in an advantaged position to offer dynamic and innovative solutions that address the most fundamental product issues standing in the way of automakers today.

Sonatus is a dynamic new kind of automotive technology partner specialized in Software-Defined vehicle infrastructure. It provides in-vehicle and cloud platforms that empower automakers to innovate vehicle development, capabilities, and ownership experience more quickly and boldly to build an advantage with their digital dynamics.

In addition to unlocking OEM benefits today, we are creating a future-proof foundation to support and empower the complex, data-centric technologies of tomorrow, including autonomous driving, AI, and ML.

Company Profile

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Sonatus is a talented and diverse collection of technology and automotive industry specialists. Our team has pioneered and delivered billion-dollar products across Networking, Security, Cloud, and Virtualization with some of the world's most successful companies, including Cisco, Juniper, Sun Microsystems, Brocade, Avaya, and Citrix. Sonatus was founded in 2018 with the vision to simplify, accelerate, and exploit the digital transformation of the automobile. On day one, we began working toward achieving our vision with the urgent development of an E/E architecture solution for our first customer (a top-five global OEM). In less than one year, we delivered this solution for final integration. It is now in mass production, with the next generation following within a year.

A Word From Our CEO

"Automotive is the next frontier of major industries to be digitally disrupted, and, arguably, the most challenging since it will also compel disruption across so many other sectors- insurance, cargo/freight, government, and entertainment among them. It will fundamentally change our lifestyles. For us at Sonatus, most of whom have been focused on digital disruption our entire careers, this challenge excites and motivates us. Like other disruptions that came before, this industry transformation will start at the infrastructure level, enabling advanced technologies already on the horizon and opening innovative new use cases yet to be envisioned. Software will naturally be at the core of all of this. With our unique focus and expertise combined with a collaborative culture, Sonatus is ideally positioned to be automakers' most trusted partner for transforming digital disruption challenges into winning capabilities."

Jeff Chou, CEO & Co-Founder

Our Goal

While we meet OEMs wherever they are in their journey, our goal is to lead the industry in leveraging dynamic Software-Defined technologies that revolutionize every touchpoint of the vehicle- from design and development to manufacturing, maintenance and ownership experience. We are enabling a world where the vehicle becomes the most advanced and loved technology device in a household.

The Right Partners to Build a Company Together

Tackling any disruption is a herculean undertaking and requires the right partnerships between technologists and investors. Meeting the exacting challenges of the automotive industry requires entrepreneurial spirit and boldness- from both sides. Our investors share our vision and have the courage to make this journey and build this company together. If you share in our ambition and believe in our ability to exploit this unique opportunity to transform the automotive industry, we invite you to inquire about joining us on this journey.